Features :

All That Chords is running under 98SE until XP and above

MIDI compliant.
All That Chords can drive your sound card. It can also drive and be driven by a MIDI keyboard.

Huge set of chords.
All the chords are here, from the triads to the thirteens. Chords can be seen in normal or inverted shape

Chord visualization
Ask All That Chords to show you the way to play a C#7+, it will display the keys to strike on its virtual keyboard. You will be able to listen to them and see the notes on a staff (both clefs).

Analysis of chord.
According the the keys pressed, All That Chords can tell you what chord you are playing. You can "draw" the keys pressed on the virtual keyboad or play directly you MIDI keyboard connected to your PC, and you will get the name of the chord you play (considering you played an existing one...)