I don't hear any sound. You have to go in the setup menu and choose one of the option in the list output.

I would like that the window remains on top when i use other softwares.
Go in the setup program tab and check the option.

Is there hotkeys?
Yes, you can play the chord using the space bar, change the note using keys C,D,E,F,G,A,B.

I always learned the notes with their latin notation, could i use it ?
Yes, go to setup program tab, and choose the option. You will have your notes displayed using the lation notation: Do,Re,Mi,Fa,Sol,La,Si.

How do i enter the chords in the pattern ?
When you double-click in a cell, this enters the chords as it is selected in the main window. So, in the main window, choose the chord using the lists, eventually its inversion, then go in the pattern window and double-click the cell. You can use the copy and paste for individual or bloc copies. In a next version, you will be able to type directly the chord name.

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