All That Chords!

Tired to scroll your music books because you don't know (or forgot) how to play a specific chord ?
All That Chords! can show you how to do this. You just have to ask him, it will show you on its virtual keyboard the way you must press the keys. Even  the inversions can be displayed.

Want to see the notation of each chord on a staff?
Automatically, it will draw the staff notation, in both clef, in chord or arpeggio. You can also see the notes names in C,D,E or Do,Ré,Mi modes.

Want to ear a set of chords playing, make your own patterns ?
With the sequencer included, this can be done.

Want to know what you are playing ? 
You can let All That Chords analyse the keys pressed, it will tell you the name of the chord !

In trouble with scales ?
Major, Blues, Pentatonic, Dorian...You can now see them on the keyboard.

Last news!

April 15, 2006


This latest release allows you to save the chords and the patterns as MIDI Files !

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